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Why I am a Rip…per

Yep, I am a Rip…per since day one. 14 yrs of being a Rip…per has worked best for me, and I refuse to apologize for my actions, when it comes to ripping wide backings that is!

When a new wide backing hits the shop door, the box is ripped open, the bolt is immediately unrolled just enough to get a healthy grip, snip a salvage edge and then give it a good rip!

Here at Ma’s we do this deed to assure you that we squared the bolt of backing, from the get go. As much as 1/3 of a yard can sometimes be lost in the beginning of the bolt. I would much rather take the hit at the start of the bolt than to have my customer come up short when they get ready to quilt their top. Once we have squared the bolt by ripping it, each purchase made by a customer…we rip it for them. If you ask to purchase 3 yards of backing you can be sure you truly are getting a whole cloth of 108″ which equals 3 yards. If we were to “cut” the fabric with either scissors or a rotary cutter, off of a (non-squared bolt)…you would end up receiving a whole cloth whopper-jawed piece of fabric. Not only that, but a cut backing…every customer who purchases from that bolt would potentially be shorted! Can’t have that!!!! Nope, not at Ma’s!

As a longarm quilter I know how important it is to have a squared backing. I can take a ripped back to the longarm, give it a few spurts of water from a spray bottle, let it dry, pin it to my leaders, give it a few rolls back and forth and Voila! I am all square with the world and ready to quilt. Being ripped on the straight of the grain eliminates the need to wrestle that big piece of cloth trying to square it and cut it with a rotary cutter to get it square.

Come and choose from any of the 900 bolts of 108″ to 118″ wide backings we carry at Ma’s and we will show you how to be a Rip…per too! It is name calling we here at Ma’s are never offend by, when someone calls any one of us a Rip…per!

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