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Quilt Studio

Quilt StudioThe Quilting Studio is located at 106 N. Schrader St., Havana, IL 62644. Ma started Longarm Quilting in 2003 with her first Gammill Opt. Plus machine. At this same time, she opened a Quilt Shop at this same location. In 2006, she added a Gammill Opt. Plus Statler to her growing collection of Longarms.

In 2008, with the Quilt Shop starting to overflow with product, Ma decided it was time to split the business. By moving the retail part of the business to 305 W. Main in Havana, it freed up the Schrader St. building to only house the Quilting for “Hire” business.

In 2010 a Gammill Classic Plus came to live at the Studio too. On the Classic, Ma gives beginner Longarm classes. Cost for the first class is $75.00 per person, and two students are required for a class. All you need to bring are a small pair of scissors for this class.

Once someone has completed the first class they can come back and rent the Longarm to quilt their own tops, freehand. The cost to rent the machine is $12.00 per hour, plus a thread charge. Note: Only thread from Ma’s Studio can be used, as the tension on the machines are set for what the machine likes to quilt with. Ma has tons of beautiful threads at the studio for you to choose from!

A second class is offered to learn Panographing if the student is so inclined. The cost for this class is $95.00, and it is a private class. The student brings their quilt top (nothing larger than a full-size top) backing and batting to the class and quilt their top while learning the technique. There is a nominal charge for the thread used in this class.

Please phone 309-543-6613 for more information about the classes and/or to reserve a spot.

In the Studio we also offer Piecing Classes. Please watch our events page for posted classes.

Quilting by Ma!

Ma’s quilting service includes edge-to-edge designs and custom work. We have lots and lots of patterns you can choose that will complement your quilt top!

Services available:

  • Edge-to-edge quilting fees begin at 2 cents per square inch. Minimum edge-to-edge is $75.00 (To estimate the cost, multiply width by length. For example, a 75″ x 82″ quilt would be: 6150 square inches x $0.02 = $123.00)
  • Semi-custom quilting fees begin at 3.5 cents per square inch and custom quilting starts at 5 cents per square inch. Minimum custom $100.

Of course, you know we have your quilt backing if you have been through the site or visited the shop. We also carry Quilters Dream batting in Cotton and Wool. Please note: Backing and batting must measure at least 6-8 inches wider and longer than your top, and it must be square. Binding service is also available, at an additional charge.

Want a specific price quote? Just give us a call at 309-543-6613!