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Shop Hop Magazine

$5.00 /yd

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This is a 36 page magazine which features all 15 CISH shops with their address’s, contact info and website address’s.
Also each shops “hop special”.
It includes a map to each of the shops.
It explains all of the prizes and how to win the prizes.
It has all of the instructions for the 2020 CISH quilt and has full pictures of each shops quilt….that is 15 block patterns plus the finishing instructions.
The magazine is also your passport to each shop. Each magazine is issued a code number, which becomes your personal code…it belongs to you and no one else can use it as your name will be attached to your personal code number.
Always take your magazine with you, to each shop you go to physically or when you order by a shops website or by phone you will need your personal CODE NUMBER!
This is going to be a really cool way to hop…I think you will find that whether you go to each shop or shop their website…that we have really taken this to the next level in hopping!
The hop will run the full month of October!!!!