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National Quilting DAY!


Welcome to Ma's Got'a Notion
Here at Ma's, we got your back...quilt back, that is!!!


Yes, Saturday, March 16, 2024, is National Quilting Day! Here at Ma's, we want to celebrate the quilters who frequent the shop's aisles. For those who have never shopped the aisles, we invite you to come out on National Quilters Day!

To celebrate, as you at Ma's, we always have your back, quilt back, that is! To prove that you will not find a shop that covers your back...quilt back that is quite like we can here at Ma's, I invite you to come and save 20% off all wide backings off the bolt or in the bag on Saturday, March 16. 2024. It's your day to cover all the backs of those projects you have hanging around and are just waiting to be finished!

You will also find some great deals in the salesroom on marked-down bolts that have taken a further markdown, so come check out the savings; you will not be disappointed!

PS: If you wear green, you will get 20% off any green fabrics in the shop. Wearin' of Green will save the greenbacks in your wallet on Saturday, March 16, 2024, from 10 am—4 pm. Your friends who don't attend will be green with envy when you show off just how Irish you are by keeping a few extra greenbacks in your wallet at this St. Pat's Day sale at Ma's!

On another note, I am sure many of you know I no longer do quilt shows. A number of factors come into play as to why not, but the biggest is that as I have grown older, my older body can't lift the containers of items that are required to do shows. I have always maintained that I will never ask an employee to lift what I can't or do any job around the shop that I would not do myself. With that being said if you should be out traveling to the numerous quilt shows that will be going on in the nearby towns (if you have time,) go slightly off your route and set your GPS to stop in.

Happy National Quilt Day and also Happy St. Pat's Day to you all!





Have a great week, and I hope to see you around the cutting table at Ma's.

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