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Busy Month


Welcome to Ma's Got'a Notion
Here at Ma's, we got your back...quilt back, that is!!!


What a busy month this one is! We have St. Pat's Day, National Quilting Day, and Easter! Once April hits and the following months, we will be busy looking forward to graduations, weddings, and vacations, visiting family and friends, or welcoming visitors who will make time to visit us. There will be gardens to tend and lawns to mow. Spring and Summer are both busy seasons! I hope you all are planning on some travel and have a few quilt shops tagged on your travel agenda. I think quilt shops located along highways, in big cities, small towns, and villages are always worth making time to stop by and investigate the locals' taste in fabrics, don't you think? Every quilt shop is so different. As you know, the owner's taste is reflected in their shop! 

On April 13th, 54 quilters and the bus mom from Ma's will head out on an adventure to visit a few shops around Illinois. A quick note to them: I will be sending your agenda as soon as I hear back from a few of the shops. I want to inform you of the food to be served and any other necessary information to pass on to you. Watch for that before the end of the month.

Here at the shop, we have slowly received our fabric shipments again. I asked why of one of my larger suppliers and was told it has to do with the ocean passages. Although I love to travel by ship, I know nothing about nautical charts or all the waterways to make it from one shore to another and how the items in the cargo containers that end up on my shelves traveled to me. I know there is a clog in the passages, and ships with my orders are being slowed down. Sigh...I expect it in the time frame quoted to me, and I will get it much later than originally anticipated. So, we make the best of it and enjoy the surprise when we open a box and find it in there! So, if I post it on FB, I have confirmation that it is indeed en route to me by ground now and not water; it has made its passage through the water and is now on American soil! A few weeks back, before I cornered a supplier about what en route meant, they didn't volunteer if it was on the water, in the air, or on a semi. LOL, now I will be told if it is off the water, but sometimes it sits on a dock longer than the supplier anticipated. I have now learned to trust only the shipment when I get a tracking number. It's just the new normal in our daily lives, and I believe it's not just in the fabric industry; our new normal is across the full spectrum of our world!

With all that lined out in detail and boarded you to death, I want you to know that we have plenty of new things in stock! Here are just a few, and many more are on the way...not sure when, but I know they are a comin'!

BUT THESE ARE ALL IN STOCK RIGHT NOW HERE AT MA'S! "Shop Hop" (not to be confused with the All IL Shop Hop; this is just a fun line to enjoy making something for yourself or a quilty family or friend a quilt out of!

Chickadee Landing, Timeless Linen Basics, Buttermilk Basics, Toolbox Florals, and Vivienne. There are others, too, but I only have the space to add these. Stop by my webpage and browse, or stop by the shop to see a couple of Pam Buda lines and all of the new kits that, if not quilted, we have the tops displayed! Deb, Linda, and Kelly can piece faster than this old Ma can quilt!

Have a great week, and I hope to see you around the cutting table at Ma's.
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