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It's Christmas all around the world!


Welcome to Ma's Got'a Notion
Here at Ma's, we got your back...quilt back, that is!!!

It's Christmas all over the world this weekend. Since it falls on a Monday, I am sure many of you will celebrate this weekend.

It will be a quiet weekend around here. Some of my children and grands live in other states. Those who live near some are traveling; others are first-time parents and grandparents and will spend the holiday with their new families.

But...both of my boys will be home Christmas morning for breakfast; that tickles me as I will be with my 3 favorite fellas, my hubby, and my two sons. That makes a momma quite happy! Once the family grows up and moves away, their gatherings get fewer and fewer.

All my kids were home together a few days before Thanksgiving, and it's always good to see them all together at least once a year. I hope you gather with, if not all, at least a few of your family this Christmas.

OK, now on to the news around Ma's shop.

Those that I have on order now, the "Door Hanger" of the month, have been sold.

With that being said...Should anyone else like to sign up to do them, too, I can re-order a few more for your piecing pleasure.

The supplier has had a few issues on when we will get them and when the order will arrive at our shops, but that has all been worked out now. I am sure it is quite a headache for the designers and wholesalers. Mainly because all fabrics are printed out of the country. There is not only a language barrier, but when it comes to holiday prints, our holidays are almost entirely different from those in other countries. That now is all worked out. BUT...the order we get them is not the chronological order we had initially expected. 

  • April-themed kit "Happy Easter" ships in January                             
  • May-themed kit May In "Bloom" ships in February
  • June-themed kit "Sweet Summer" ships in March
  • July-themed kit "Patriot Dreams" ships in April
  • August-themed kit "One In A Melon" ships in May
  • September-themed kit "Back To School" ships in June
  • October-themed "Hello Gourd-eous" kit ships in July
  • November-themed kit "Autumn Leaves"  ships in August
  • December-themed kit "Christmas Eve" ships in September
  • January-themed kit "Sweet Snowman" ships in October
  • February-themed kit" All My Love" ships in November
  • March-themed kit "Feeling Lucky" ships in December.

So you see, while they are not in the order we had first thought, they will be ready for you to finish before all the chronological holidays we celebrate!

The cost of these fun holiday door/wall hangers is $59.00 each month, with the last month (12th month) being paid for on Jan.2, 2024; some of you have already paid for the 12th one. The first one is due when it is ready for pick up or shipping, sometime in late January. This allows me to lock you into the program without paying a fee you never recoup (many shops call it a membership fee you don't get back). With my shop, you will get what you pay for in full. wonder what you get each month; WELL, you get the monthly pattern, all of the fabrics for the top, the back, the sleeve, the batting, and the binding, too! I will include everything you need to complete each month fully; there is no excuse not to have it completed and hung for each upcoming holiday. It's all in each monthly kit.

Yep, you will find that here at Ma's," we complete you," at least regarding this BOM! 

To give you a heads-up, we will start another BOM in April. I think many of you will enjoy it. It is Lori Holts's "Autumn Quilt Seeds." These are nine pumpkins with a different quilt block in the center of the pumpkin. I think we all LOVE "all things pumpkin and fall!" I think this will be an enjoyable quilt to do. I will keep you posted as we draw nearer.

We are thinking about Spring here at Ma's, which will be in full swing in April. The weather will be nice, and we will be ready to get out and about and travel to quilt shops with friends. Here at Ma's, we invite you to accompany us on a one-day bus trip on Saturday, April 13, 2024.

After the holidays, I will have more information regarding when we will depart on the 13th, the cost, and which shops will join us. The price of the trip will include your meals and bus fee. On Ma's bus, the bus mom will have games, prizes, and treats to keep you entertained throughout the journey. Please put the date in your calendar and spread the word among your friends.

I will also include a list of nice air B & B's within walking distance of Ma's shop for those who want to come in the day before the trip and spend the night in Havana. We have several nice shops on Main Street, and down Plum St., There are Many nice eateries and places to meet friends for drinks, too. So why not get some quilting friends together and make it a quilter weekend getaway adventure? I know you guys..." Quilters just want'a have fun!" I will even stay open for some special hours on Friday night for your early shopping pleasure if you would like!

If you could do me a quick favor, please tell your quilting friends to check their spam folder if they are not getting my newsletters. If it is not there, it may be because their email suffixe is not a...popular domain. My newsletter host is picky and only works well with the more popular domains. I think it may behoove them for my newsletter and many other potential emails they would like to receive to get a Gmail address added to their mailbox. Just a suggestion per my host. Tell them to advise me if they get a new email address so I can change it in my address book.

Also, if you and your friends would go to my FaceBook page and "Like" it, you will get photos and links that I post each time I get new fabrics, patterns, books, information about lots of things going on at the shop. Oftentimes, it's faster to jump on FB to post things than to do a newsletter for me. And I really don't want to jam your mailbox with daily emails from me; I know how aggravating that can get!

For those far from Ma's and order online, feel free to place your online order. I will be in the shop every few days during winter break to fill your orders.

I want to remind my customers who shop at my store again that I closed for winter break on Saturday, Dec. 23, 2023. 

I will reopen on Monday, January 1, 2024, New Year's Day, for my annual New Year's Day sale from 9 AM to 4 PM.

During the week between Christmas and New Year, I will put a sale bill on Facebook and send you a newsletter with the sale bill. All I can tell you now is the "24" of the new year will play a part in the sale...stay tuned to see how much of a part it will play!   

So, just for today, I want to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, and if I don't see you on New Year's Day, then I wish you the happiest, healthiest, and a very safe 2024!                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Have a great week, and I hope to see you around the cutting table at Ma's.

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