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20 Year reminder


Welcome to Ma's Got'a Notion
Here at Ma's, we got your back...quilt back, that is!!!

Last week I told you about my 20 years in business celebration sale. I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind you about it! Please plan on saving at least one of these days to celebrate with me.

Tue. Oct. 31, Wed. Nov. 1, Thur. Nov. 2, Fri. Nov. 3. 10 AM - 5 PM

and Sat. Nov. 4, 10 AM - 4 PM

At checkout, you will be given a raffle ticket to fill out. This ticket will go into the Raffle Drum. Each evening, we will draw out 8 tickets for the winners of the day; this will be done for 5 days in a row, equaling 40 winners by the end of the week. The tickets not drawn each evening will be put into a "hermetically sealed mayo jar and kept on Funk & Wagnalls porch, guarded the remainder of the week by the Great Carnac." Those of you of a certain age will understand how safe this will keep those tickets! All tickets will be removed from the mayo jar on Monday, November 7, 2023, and placed into the Raffle Drum; 35 tickets will be drawn from the drum, and those shall be prize winners! YES, there will be a total of 75 winners. These prizes are nothing to sneeze at, either...

These are the prizes: 31 - stuffed bags with lots of prizes in each bag. I have 6 - Layer Cakes to give away, 1 jelly roll, 4 - fat quarter bundles, 1 Three Yard quilt bundle with a pattern, 1 - set of 15 - 20/30's prints fat quarter bundle, 23 - FULL kits of a full-size quilt in each bag, 1 - charm pack, 1 - brown bag filled with goodies, and last but not least 6 - Valdani pack & go thread carrying cases.

That is 75 gifts to be given away! I will draw 8 raffle tickets at the end of each day for 5 days for 40 gifts total, leaving 35 gifts for the drawing on Nov. 7; the raffle tickets left after each of the 5-day drawings.

WHEW...Now to talk about the savings...which will make everyone who shops that week a winner!

All the fabrics on the bolt will be 20% 1/2 yd min.

All wide backing will be 20% off 1 yd min.

You will find 2 large bushel baskets by the checkout filled with several fat quarter bundles; some are the last of full collections, and some are just happy together living in a quilt; these fat quarter bundles are 20% off.

All of the panels throughout the shop are, you guessed it, 20% off.

All 3-yard bundles are $2.00 off the price marked (they already have a sale price), so you will take the $2.00 from the price marked.

The $19.00 table runners (many different seasons are available & make great gifts, too) are 20% off.

All the saleroom fabrics are (cotton, $5.00 per yard, min. flannel, $7.00 per yard min.)

The rolled & tied fat quarters in the salesroom are 12 - for $8.99, less than 75 cents each!

I have several kits in the dump basket at the front desk for 20% off.

As the week progresses, who knows, I might take a notion to add more things...I take a notion from time to time, and that's what got me into this quilting racket in the first place...the name says it all: "Ma's Got'a Notion." 

I just had this notion: If you can tell me a story when you come in this week of my celebration, about something you remember about me over the past 20 years, about how I helped you in some way with your quilting project, be it choosing fabrics, happy with a quilt I quilted for you, maybe I talked you into something you had no idea you even wanted until we had a conversation, anything at all that brought happy quilting a-ha moment between the two of us... I will give you 20% off of one kit of your choice in the shop, a full-price kit, just because... you shared a memory with me! That will make the week so much fun, talking about the last 20 years, which flew by in a quick hurry for me but brought me lots of joy.

What fun this week will be! I can't wait to be a part of your next project...and have more conversations about kids, grands, our mates, and...what else, our drug of choice...QUILTING OF COURSE!

 Please come in next week and allow me to thank you for 20 awesome years of serving each and every one of you! What a great honor it has been for me to help you for the past 20 years, and I hope I can do it till my dying day...well, at least near that day!

See you this week!!!






Have a great week, and I hope to see you around the cutting table at Ma's.

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