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June Newsletter


Welcome to Ma's Got'a Notion
Here at Ma's, we got your back...quilt back that is!!!


I know, I'm not great about getting out Newsletters to y'all. my defense, I always like to have some fun things to pass along and lots of news to spread!

Without further ado, here is the skinny on Ma's!

You may or may not have seen on my Facebook page, or the pamphlet in the shop about the next BOM coming up here at the shop:

This BOM will begin in September. It is a 12-month BOM and the cost is $35.00 per month. There are a limited number of available kits, so if you are interested call soon to sign up. The BOM includes all the patterns, and fabrics for the top and binding.

A couple of books that I have read that depict this quilts journey are "The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek" and "The Book Woman's Daughter" both written by Kim Michele Richardson. I enjoyed both very much the first one several years ago and the latter just a few weeks ago. Pick them up for your summer read, I think you will enjoy them!

The backing is sold separately, you will receive a 20% discount on your backing.

Starting in Dec. we will be having the Door Hanger of the Month club. I am really excited about this one, each one represents what the month is noted for, and when you hang it on your door people will know that a very serious quilter lives in the house! I also think these would make awesome gifts to a teacher, or any professional to use on their office doors. 

The monthly cost is $59.00 per month. You must sign up for all 12 months, there is no picking and choosing on this club, it is a full subscription only! For the monthly fee, you will get (the pattern for each month, the fabrics to complete the top, backing, binding, and the sleeve too!) Each month you will get EVERYTHING TO COMPLETELY DO THE PROJECT! Each one finishes 20" X 36". The first month's fee will be due Nov. 2023, sign up soon, a limited number of kits are available. 


Until all these pretties begin, there are lots of brand-new kits hanging around in the shop and on my website to keep you occupied till Fall!

I don't know if your household is as wild about "Yellowstone" the tv series on Paramount as my family is but...if they are, do I have an awesome quilt for you. I believe the one on the series known as "Beth's Quilt" is merely a throw quilt, I made the shop kit into a 90" X 90" size. This is such a beautiful quilt. I have not got it quilted yet, but it is first on my agenda in July.

Speaking of June...I will be heading out on a road trip with a friend for a "Mom's trip"...I have a daughter and SIL who lives in Santa Cruz CA and it just so happens that my friend Barb's son, DIL, and grandboy live in the very same town. Just the perfect excuse (like moms need one) to have an almost month-long road trip. We plan on taking a few days wandering to this beach town on our own time clock, spending a couple of weeks with our respective family members, and then winding our way back home on a different route again, taking our own sweet time. I am sure there will be sights to see, good food to splurge our calories on, lots of ocean waves to listen to, beaches to lay on and good books to read, laughs to be had, and lots of hugs when we arrive at our destination! That's my plan for the month of June, but for you, I have left behind a plan for you too!

Deb is in charge of the shop...nothing new about that...the only thing different is we will be putting the "Wide Backing Room" on a diet...YES, the goal is to thin down the size of the bolts, and the best way to do that is...From June 6, through June 26... ALL wide backing will be 15% off! So hurry in, find your next quilt backing, and visit with Deb, as you know she never likes to visit...LOL, I often walk in and she is talking... to he fat quarters she is joke!!! True don't let her get lonely, stop in and catch her in the act of visiting with the bolts! LOL

Also, if you are not aware... for the last several months I have been choosing some wide backings and reducing the price on them the entire month at a substantial savings.  These are the ones on sale this month they are $15.00 per yard. There are no further discounts on them as this is the sale price. So make your June destination Ma's!

When you come to Havana, make a day of it. Havana is a great place to spend the day. We have eateries Babes on Plum, The Lunch Box on Plum, a Chinese restaurant on Main St., and a Mexican restaurant just behind the Courthouse on Market St., If you are wanting to grab a lunch and go sit in the park, There is Sweet Tea on Main St., Peaches on the corner of Schrader St./Dearborn St., Subway is just across the street from there. That's just a few and if you are more of a Pizza or burger fast-food addict...we have those too!

Maybe you are looking for a new outfit...try Manhattan Fields Boutique, on Plum St. as they do tend to lean their style of clothing towards a lady of a certain age & know, kinda' like us quilters who spend lots of time (sitting in our sewing chairs)...LOL, you get my drift...

Aug. and Sept you can find Ma's shop participating in the All IL. Shop Hop. As an added incentive to get you to purchase the magazine here at Ma's, I want you to know that I am giving away a 3 yard 108" wide backing of the winner's choice. Everyone who purchases their magazine from my shop will be entered into a drawing that 3 names will be drawn from, each of the 3 winners will pick one 108" x 108" wide back of their choice! You can purchase from the shop when you stop by, call to purchase & pick it up later, or order it on my website:


Well, I think that's about all I have to say about the month of June, and this pretty well sums up my June plans...I hope you plan on visiting the shop this month...we are trying to make it worth your while!


Continued Prayers for Ukraine
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