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Kansas City Chiefs have nothing on Ma

Welcome to Ma's Got'a Notion
Here at Ma's, we got your back...quilt back that is!!!

The Chiefs nor the Eagles have anything on quilters.
We are all so quick on our feet and can never "pass" up a sale day.

Ma will be "kicking" off with a sale for all her customers.
The "gridiron" is Ma's Got'a Notion, Sunday, Feb. 12, 2023, 10 am - 4 pm.

Ma and Deb will be "running interference" clearing the path for you each to make your "goal" of not leaving the "field"/shop till you find what you came after!

All that attend this sale will be "wide receivers" of bargains!

You will not be on the "offense" when you see what's to be had on this will be yelling "HUT, HUT, HUT" to all your friends on your quilting "team" to join in and "tailgate" to Ma's for the "interception" of a deal.

The only "penalty" is the one you impose on yourself should you miss this sale!

So "gain possession" of this special Sunday. Don't be a "tight end" get out of the house and "complete the catch" of a project you have been thinking about all "season" long.

If you are looking to celebrate your savings at "halftime", you can do that at Ma's too. Take a break from shopping, have a snack & drink in the kitchenette just off the saleroom, then shop some more!

You will leave no "pigskin" in this "game" because the "ball" is on your end of the field at this sale, so you will "score" big when you attend this sale!

You will be most likely "coached" by "teammates" on what you should not "pass" up.

You know there are "yards" of fabric to fulfill your quilting needs here at Ma's. No need to "scrimmage" because there is plenty to go around.
I will post the "highlights" (sale bill) on FaceBook, the Thursday before the "big game/sale" on Sunday. So you can plan your "strategic plays" for the day!

So "kick off" the "big game day" early with some shopping therapy!

All the eateries in the area will be open on Super Bowl Sunday, so enjoy a meal out while you are in town too!
I hear that "Manhattan Fields Boutique" will be open (you will LOVE this shop, they cater to women of a certain age and sizes)...that's you and I my friends!!!
I am guessing several other shops in the area too will be open, for your shopping pleasure.

Just as an FYI the "American Eagles"...not the "Philly Eagles" are flying around the Illinois River this time of the year. In late Jan. and mid Feb. you can enjoy these majestic birds in the city park by the river here in Havana.
While you are in the area, enjoy a drive to the Emiquon just across the river in Fulton County. The area around the Emiquon is where "American Indian Chiefs" lived with their families, on the banks of the Illinois River not so many years ago. You will not find any "Kansas Chiefs" there though!

Seeing an "American Eagle" while you are on either side of the river, is always an awesome experience and will leave you in awe!

This will be a great day to chase away cabin fever, the cold weather has imposed on us the last many days!
Here at Ma's you will find the warmth of your next project, you can count on a quilt to chase away the chills of winter and when it is made by (you)...that just makes it even more comfy.

While you are here, be sure to ask about the BOM starting this month. We would like to show you the quilt and all the extras that accompany this complete coordinated set. This 9 month BOM will consist of a Queen/King quilt 93" X 93" (our sample is bigger than what the pattern calls it to be), two - pillow shams, two - bolster pillows, a dresser runner, a nightstand topper and a few other surprises too, to complete this bedroom ensemble.
Once your BOM is completed you will receive a discount on your choice of wide backing to cover the back of your quilt!
This ensemble is so beautiful, I think many quilters will be doing a complete makeover of their master bedrooms!

Have a great week and hope to see you around the cutting table here at Ma's.

Continued Prayers for Ukraine

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