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Hello Christmas

Welcome to Ma's Got'a Notion
Here at Ma's, we got your back...quilt back that is!!!

As I write this, we are nearly seeing a week of December in the rear view mirror.
I know that you have mostly finished up all of your Christmas shopping, Christmas decorating and of course all of the "handmade with love" gift giving items!
Baking will need to wait until closer to the holidays, to be fresh! Or you could do like me...and order from your favorite bakery! 
So, there is not a thing I can interest you in, as far as gifts go for others, now....

BUT.... that, you are freed up and eligible to purchase some of the "must haves" we have here at Ma's, for you to gift to....none other than....yourself!!!!
To make it really feel like Christmas on Christmas morning...I have a Christmas gift bag for you to fill at 20% off everything that you can get in the bag!
The only thing that is excluded is: Mary Ellen's Best Press, BOM's, and gift certificates.
Everything else in the shop, is fair game...if you can get it in the gift bag, you get 20% off all those items at the checkout!

The bags are Medium Sized and they have gift tags attached, so you can write on them...
To: (your name) From: (Secret Santa/or whoever may have missed the boat by not gifting you what you truly wanted)!
Better yet, tell your significant've done the shopping for them and ask to be reimburse for your troubles. If you dare...LOL
Also, don't forget to grab lunch while you are in town shopping and tack on for your food & gas expense...cover all your bases during this time of generosity, of those who love you, tis the season of giving and receiving you know, get them to take care of that expense too, if you think it will fly!!! LOL

No worries, I think you can get some kits, notions, yardage and maybe even some wide backing in the bag, fill it to the brim, as long as it's 20%off!
What a good Santa Shopper you will make!!!!
"Christmas Bag Filling" begins on Wednesday Dec. 14, 2022 at 10am and will last through,
Friday Dec. 23, 2022 till 5pm. Remember, I am closed every Sunday & Monday!
OR, until I run out of bags, as I only have 48 bags!
Only ONE bag per customer!
So, ALL early shoppers will be left...
...wait for it...
"Holding the BAG"!!!! LOL a bag full of savings that is!

A quick reminder on a couple of things:
Ma's is no longer open on Mondays.
The hours of operation now are: Tue. - Sat. 10am-5pm

The days of Ma's annual Holiday Shutdown will be: 
December 24, 2022 - December 31, 2022
So Deb and I can enjoy the holiday with family too.

Ma's will reopen on Sunday Jan. 1st 2023 for my annual "NEW YEAR'S DAY SALE" 8am - 4pm 
NOTE: There will be coffee and donuts too while you shop!

Not to be missed as it's always worth you trip!

Now, about the upcoming BOM.
"Blissful" is a beautiful Navy/Teal/Off White with a touch of pink fabrics.
93" X 93" Quilt and two 36" X 26" Pillow Shams included.
NO applique' in this quilt or shams, it is all piece work, the magic is in the fabric placement.
This is a 9 month BOM, the cost is $48.99 per month. You will get all of the patterns for each monthly installment, upon the completion of the 9th month you will have received all the fabrics for the top, binding, both shams and backing for the shams too.
Please note the backing for the quilt will be a separate purchase, but you will be able to purchase it here at Ma's with a 20% discount.

The <SHOP KIT> is due to arrive this week, so you will find Deb and I co-piecing this beauty.
Please feel free to stop by and have a sneak peek at the
 fabrics we will be using to piece the quilt & shams with.

The BOM will begin late Jan. 2023. "IF"...there happens to be any interest from anyone who signs up for this BOM, in meeting at my studio each month, to work on it, either Deb or I would be happy to be there, to guide you or answer any questions at NO extra monthly cost.
Kind of a way of dipping, our toe back into get togethers after such a long social break, that the pandemic forced us into.
Would Wednesdays work for anyone?

Here ya go....
"Blissful" the 2023 BOM



I will be announcing some other classes in 2023. I will have a beginner piecing/quilting class starting in Feb. With a few other classes to follow, they will most likely start in March.
Have a great week and hope to see you around the cutting table here at Ma's.
If I miss seeing you before the Holidays, have a very Merry Christmas...but if you are at home and reading your will hear from me before the holidays are here!

Continued Prayers for Ukraine

Should you like to contact Ma or the shop Angels.
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