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Welcome to Ma's Got'a Notion
Here at Ma's, we got your back...quilt back that is!!!

Here we are, the week before Thanksgiving and soon the year will be "poof" gone.
I often wonder, is it just me, that time seems to get away from, but then I get to visiting with one of you when you stop by the shop and find...the disappearing of time happens to each of us!
I think the disappearing hours happen, because each of us are (blessed) to have a hobby we truly enjoy. I know that I can pull out a project on a slow day at the shop and all of a sudden "poof" the next thing I know it's 5pm!
Having the ability to piece and quilt is one of the things, I count as something to be thankful for, among a whole list of other things. Those of us who are lucky "enough" to have our family, friends, good health, a job or comfortable retirement income, a warm home and plenty of food, are blessed beyond measure. We often forget that "just enough" is a blessing all on its own.

I'm writing you this newsletter not only to remind myself and you that there are plenty of things in our life to be thankful for and I want to add one more thing too, for you to be thankful for...BECAUSE...I am so thankful to have each of you as a customer I want to show you just how thankful for YOU by having:
A day after Thanksgiving sale here at Ma's! Friday Nov. 24th.
25% off all the (Christmas) wide backings on the bolt and in the bags. As you come in the front door here at Ma's there are...more than 50...yes 50 Christmas themed wide backings! IF it is a Christmas wide backing you will get 25% off of it.

Those of you who can't make it to the shop and need to order on the web...just type in "Christmas" on my website and all of the wide backings will appear...
BUT the sale is <ONLY on the Christmas wide backings>.
You will not be able to order on the website to receive the discount.
BUT you can call in your order and we will honor the 25% off.  Note there will be shipping on your order. Should we be busy, we will take your phone number and call you back. Please note the name and number of the wide backing so we can easily identify it for you and process your order the following day.

I am planning on a Beginner piecing/quilting class starting in Feb. 2023. 
I hope to start back with a few other classes too, in 2023. 
Also I have an awesome BOM 93" X 93" with pillow shams starting in 2023 too!
More about all that later...let's all get through the holidays first!

Another quick reminder, starting Mon. Dec. 5th Ma's will no longer be open on Mondays.
Tue. through Sat. our new hours will be 10am - 5pm.

I want to wish you all a very "HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY", if you happen to be traveling during the holiday, please drive safely.

Don't forget, if you happen to be looking for something to do on the "Friday after Thanksgiving"...Ma's will be open AND...there just might be a few OTHER in store "shopping deals" to be had, besides the 25% off on the Christmas wide backings!
You will need to stop into the shop to see, as always... I promise it will be worth your trip!

Have a great week and hope to see you around the cutting table here at Ma's.

Continued Prayers for Ukraine

Should you like to contact Ma or the shop Angels.
Or Phone: 309-543-6613
Sue Schaeffer, Owner
Ma's Got'a Notion
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Havana, IL. 

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Stay healthy, stay safe & vaccinate!
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