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April 3, 2022

Welcome to Ma's Got'a Notion
Here at Ma's, we got your back...quilt back that is!!!

What a busy month March was, it blew in with a full calendar and ended up leaving me caught short on time..."where in world do the days go, I find myself asking at the end of each day"!
And April is full to the brim too! We will be in Decatur next week at the Quilt Show and here is the "link" incase you misplaced it.
I hope to see all of you there, that I saw at the Springfield show and also all of you that I didn't see. Many of the Decatur Guilt members have told me, they promised to have a show that will blow your socks off. So mark your calendar!

April also brings, the Arthur IL. Quilt you all know, I make no bones about it... I will break bread with anyone to, vend this show every year! Not only do I love the quilts they put up at the show and the people, but oh my...I do love a good bakery and there are several to choose from in Arthur! Maybe it is not the bread I am could be my diet...BIG TIME!
No matter what I'm breaking, I enjoy this has all my favorites, Quilts, Great Food and Good Friends...
Here is the "link" to all that is happening at the Arther show:
Hope to see you all there and your quilting buddies too!

"It's in" and the kits are made too! Here is the "link" to go directly to my website to order it, if you don't have time to stop by the shop, or get one at one of the upcoming shows at my booth!

These are the awesome fabrics we used in the kit! I just can't choose anymore what my favorite fabrics are...seems like each new line that comes in, I'm in LOVE with it...But, this pattern just really spoke to me!

We have been receiving shipment on new backings too, so stay up with my FB page to see daily what arrives, here at Ma's.

I will depart with a fun way to give away your Cadbury Eggs this year...make a pillowcase in place of a basket. Always, a fun way to receive a gift, wrapped in a gift of its own!
Honestly, they will have their MIND on YOU when they go to sleep! LOL

If you type into the search box on my website "PILLOWCASE" you will find many that will be really fun ways, to replace wrapping paper when you are in the gift giving mood and...want to make a difference on saving our environment too!

Please stay well, count your many blessings and pray for Ukraine.

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