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March 20, 2022

Welcome to Ma's Got'a Notion
Here at Ma's, we got your back...quilt back that is!!! do I begin to explain how much fun it was to be back at a Quilt Show?!?!
I have no words...on how to express the gratitude I have to the quilt guild members, for asking us to vend for them again this year.
I am here to tell you, there absolutely are no words to articulate the multitude of beautiful,exquisitely pieced and quilted individual works of art, there were to view. Congratulations for an AWESOME job, to each of the artist that participated in the show!!! top off all of the excitement, we seen so many of you that we have missed visiting with over the past many months. How wonderful to see everyone out and about and enjoying the show. If you stopped by the booth and I missed getting to say hi, then it was my loss indeed. So please come to the shop and pay us a visit very soon, so we can catch up on what you've been working on. Bring show & tell too, we love that!

We had a few of the Decatur quilt guild members stop by the booth to tell us, they are expecting to have some real beauties in their show this year too. Be sure to plan on attending that upcoming show, here is a link, to learn more about it!

Talking to a number of you these last many months, I know there are so many of you who have been busy making quilts. If you have never exhibited your quilts, then please reach out to a guild member from the various towns that are having a show in the near future. Ask about placing your quilt in their show. You have earned a place in the spotlight to let other see all of those meticulous stitches!

Remember to add the Arthur Quilt Show to your calendar:

So there you have it for the shows in the near future, I hope to see you at any or hopefully all of them! It's time we get out and about and enjoy all we have been missing...the open road calls for us to go exploring taking several short trips, this spring and summer!

I shared with you a couple of weeks ago, the "Old Blue Calico" line we have in the shop. Oh my gosh, they are even more beautiful, when you see these fabrics in person!
I will be starting to piece and kit (well... OK, with a LOT of help from Deb & Linda) this week this pattern using the "Old Blue Calico" collection: Introducing "Nines in the Corner"...I LOVE THIS QUILT!!!!

I am guessing, that this is a computer generated picture of this quilt, as I see about 2/3's of the way down on the left side, a <corner goose> was mistakenly placed as a side piece...I'm just glad to see even the pro's can goof, just like I have done, many a times!
Several pieces of this line have already sold-out, here at the shop and over the weekend at the show. So first order of business in the morning is to call in a new order. I want this quilt for my collection too...I love blues!!!!! 

I must part with a HUGE thank-you to Deb for helping me at the show this past weekend and to Linda for holding down the fort, while we were away. I could not do this job without the great assistance of these two gals!

Until I see you around the cutting table again, I wish you a great week ahead!
Please Pray for Ukraine. 

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