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What about the #2

Welcome to Ma's Got'a Notion
Here at Ma's, we got your back...quilt back that is!!!

Here is a fun fact: February 2022 is a month chucked full of Palindrome Dates!!!!
There are just "two dates that I am choosing to celebrate here at Ma's, but like I said there are several others this month.
2/20/22, 2/21/22, 2/23/22, 2/24/22, 2/25/222, 2/26/22, 2/27/22, and 2/28/22, read em' forward or backwards they are the same!
There are oodles of palindrome dates in 2022 it appears (google them). 

When I say I am taking notice of Wednesday 2/2/22 and Tuesday 2/22/22 that means "two" fun days coming up here at the shop in the month of February, we will be calling them "Twodays". We are planning on some games with prizes!!!! BUT...of course, what would a fun day be for quilters without a few things put on sale and thrown into the mix!?!?!?
Plan those "two" dates to spend a bit of time with us. Just for fun, come with a friend and double the fun when it's the "two" of you!
Thinking out loud here...what would really be fun would be to get a bus load of 22...just a thought!!!!
This is Cheddar and Coal by Pam Buda for Marcus Fabrics. This has been such a popular line. If you have not seen this grouping at the shop or on my website, then stop by soon and grab a bundle while they last as they have been a hot item! We also made a shop sample which goes by the name of Walnut Hollow by Pam Buda for Marcus Fabrics.

As I am just getting use to doing my own newsletters, please understand that I will make mistakes, so bare with me please. I'm still on the learning curve here!

A quick reminder about Show dates that we are booked for, so far this year:
We will be vinding for the State of IL Guild, LLQA, on Saturday Feb. 26, 2022.

Looking forward to seeing all of these guild members as it seems like eons since we have had the honor of vending for them. If you would like more information on how you can join LLQA, just message me and I can hook you up with the an email on membership.

Friday, March 18 & Saturday the 19th, 2022
We will be back in Springfield Vending for the Springfield Guild, at the State Fairgrounds in the Orr building. Always a nice size show with lots of beautiful quilts hung in this huge building which accommodates bushels of quilts. This is usually a every 2 year quilt show, but these members now have had 4 years to prepare, to piece, to quilt and to expect a pretty good size show with lots of eye catchin' quilts!

Friday, April 8th and Saturday the 9th of 2022
You can find us in Decatur vending for that Guild, at the downtown Civics Center.
These guild members know all about planning a show only to be canceled due to COVID, then planning again only to have cancel again...But this show will be a go, nothin's gonna' stop these gals from hanging quilts this year...they are determine in 22 to make this a GO!!!!

Thursday April, 27th, Friday the 28th and Saturday the 29th of 2022
We will be at the Arthur show.
We LOVE doing this show for a number of reasons but mostly, because the people are so interesting and share so much of their history with us during our visit...and then of course a lot of great bakeries in the area and I've yet to have had a bad meal in the region!

Rumor has it...that the Jacksonville Guild will be holding their quilt show on Friday July 29th and Saturday July 30th 2022....more information to come as I know more about it. You know quilters...we love to spread the news about quilt shows.
Quilt Shows are big deal to us, especially since we have been shut off from them for the past few years.
Don't be astonished if you see quilters dancing among the quilts with glee in 2022, you just may be among them!!!!!

This is a new one for us, and I have been told it is a great show, so come and see for yourself if it's so...
Dekalb, IL. September, Friday, 23 and Saturday the 24th of 2022. 
We have been invited to vend this show several times throughout years, so this will be our first time in Dekalb and we are looking forward to making new friends.
Since we were involved with the Central IL. Shop Hop during the same time frame in the past when the show was held, we were unable to attend this show.

As you know this year Ma's will not participate in the Central Il. Shop Hop, I have chose to only do the "All State of IL. Shop Hop", for a number of reasons...the #1 reason is that the 2 ladies that head it up, have turned Shop Hops into a business and their full time jobs!
They do all the work for a nominal charge to all Illinois shops. And, it is spread over a 2 month period, August and September. Spreading it over a 2 month period makes it doable for "hoppers" and shop owners alike. Hoppers will have a greater chance of being a prize winner, as these ladies have awesome contacts with major suppliers, who are so excited to lend them a hand, on gifting YOU!
The magazine that you purchase will double as your passport. The magazine has all the contact information to each of the participating Illinois shops.
The magazine is very professionally assembled and all in color too.
These ladies have arranged for the shops to purchase a line of fabric that will be exclusive to the participating shops. They also have commissioned designers to design a number of patterns to use, exclusive for the line of fabric.
As if that is not enough to entice you...each participating shop will have a printed block, unique to that shop as a gift to each of the hoppers. Oh gosh, I could go on and on...but if you will just follow their Facebook page 
You can follow along with all the excitement. Here is the link to the website too

As I shared with you in my last email, we would be starting the
BOM "Riverside Knoll"....well, we still are, but it appears my allotment of fabric is still either on a cargo ship, or in a container on the docks or... I hope at least, to the warehouse by now.
The wait for goods, employee shortages and cost of getting the goods to the shops is not only real, but just as painful to my suppliers as it is to shop owners and ultimately to our customers.
Just KNOW...that as soon as it hits my door, the girls and I will be cutting, packaging it and piecing our shop sample. I apologize to those of you who have signed up already, just know we will get it to you as soon as we get it and can get it ready.
Below is the BOM Riverside Knoll, this will be a 6 month program costing $30.95 per month. So, if you have been on the fence about signing up...there is still time!
The kits, each month will have the pattern and the fabrics to complete that months block/blocks which will complete that months the time you have purchased all 6 months you will have enough fabrics to complete the top and binding.


These 3 beautiful 108" wide backings just arrived today. They are called Three Sisters Bay and you can find them here at the shop or on my website by following this link:

If you don't follow my facebook, please consider doing so as I do post daily (sometimes many times a day) things that are coming into the shop, or what I have added to the website. The website is still a work in progress, so on some days, I post a lot on my FB to !!!! LOL

I am optimistic that the Groundhog will do the "right" thing on 2/2/22 and call for an early spring...I mean come on he/she will never get a the opportunity 2 call it 2 early on 2/2/22 in his lifetime again!!!! 
Here's 2 an early spring quilters!
Until till it's officially Spring, utilize those quilts, as of 2day it is still 2cold to store them away!


Should you like to contact Ma or the shop Angels.
Or Phone: 309-543-6613
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Stay healthy, stay safe & vaccinate!
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