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Batting makes for Comfort

There are many choices when it comes to batting, but I am only going to discuss my favorites and why I only carry these two at my shop.

Wool has to be my favorite to “sleep” under as it breathes. It is lightweight too, which makes it ideal to use under flannel tops, jean tops, tee shirt tops, and any other heavy materials used to create a quilt top. It allows the quilt to drape nicely on the bed also! When I say it “breathes” I mean it allows the water (sweat) to wick away from you, so you don’t wake up “wet”. A healthy hydrated body eliminate waste at night, just as a fevered body does, wool lets that moisture evaporate. It washes well too. At my house, we use a utilitarian wool quilt year around, warm in the winter and cool in the summer (due to the breathability)…gotta love that!

I use wool in my utilitarian quilts, throws, seasonal/holiday quilts, and any tops that heavy fabrics have been use to construct the top . Wool gives a “loft” that looks great in most quilts. But… not in my reproduction quilts, in my reproduction tops I use cotton batting to line them with.

100% Cotton also sleeps well, drapes beautifully, and I LOVE the flat look of cotton. It is my go-to for ALL reproduction tops. Cotton also washes well.

There are other mediums out there making up batting…but I only sell what I know is comfortable, behaves well and is durable, SO… in my shop WOOL & COTTON are my choices. I carry it in 36”, 60”, 93” and 120” wide. My preferred brand is “Quilter Dream”. I also carry a flame retardant batting, which I like to use in children’s quilts.

I am often asked about shrinkage…there are so many variables when it comes to washing your quilt to control shrinkage (that’s another blog). But I can tell you here and now…one factor is the denseness of the quilting. I like tight quilting and lots of it, I love the look of a quilt once it has been washed and has some shrinkage, giving it character, the “snuggle factor” as I call it and the texture, those are all pluses for me.

Remember…the beautiful samples hanging in quilt shops are all crisp from the use of starch, never washed fabrics and fresh from the quilter, please note that once washed…a quilt takes on its own personality! That is what makes it a quilt, to be loved and used by its owner.

As a longarm quilter, I prefer at least 3” all around bigger batting than the quilt top and at least 1” smaller than the backing fabric. Always talk to your quilter to see what their preference might be.

On another note: Saturday, November 25, is Small Business Day. Please get out and support the “small” business community. My thoughts have been for quite sometime, that small downtown America is making a comeback. I think we are all craving the need for a sense of community. It all begins with the small mom/pop shops. Come visit Havana, we have a plan to bring back the Historic town once again…but, we need visitors to come help us implement the plan. Stop by Ma’s and we will give you direction as to where to start your Havana area tour…I love Havana, and you will too, if you take the time to explore!

Whoops, I about forgot…to celebrate Small Business Saturday Nov. 25th ONLY, at Ma’s we will have 20% off all 42” fabric on the bolt and the 108” wide backings too. What a great day to pick up some of the new lines, fresh “off the bolt only” to add to your stash!

On the website Black Friday thru Cyber Monday enter 10FREE at check out to receive 10% off all wide backing and free shipping on your backing order too! What a great way to start your holiday quilting shopping!

Wishing you all a Wonderful Thanksgiving Day, enjoying family and friends.
At the end of the day, don’t let that turkey get you down…get in a few stitches, before you nap!

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